Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Taj Mahal - Clean up moments

I visited the Taj Mahal at 11am on a Tuesday morning, bright and sunny. I noticed that the cleaning work is in progress, I was told that this is the 1st time that cleaning is happening on such a large scale, ever since the beautiful monument was built.
The Taj Mahal is sporting scaffolding on its minarets and is decorated with mudpacks to restore its ivory-white splendour.
The scaffolding can be a bit disappointing to the view, however, I felt that this activity too will  be a part of Taj's rich history and it needs to be captured in its entirety.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Peapod: The Green Vine Snake


Amer Fort rests high on a hill surrounded by Maota Lake, a few kilometers away from Jaipur city. Built by the Rajput Ruler Raja Maan Singh and his descendants around 9th century, the Amer fort also known as Amber Palace was the original capital of the Rajputs till Jaipur was built.
This architectural spectacle is constructed using res sandstone and marble and has an array of smaller palaces inside it – summer palace, winter palace, sheesh mahal (glass palace), temples and more.

I visited the fort in the afternoon and had the opportunity of enjoying its splendor during sun set as well. Plenty of photo opportunities, a day well spent!